Dorje Gotrab prayer flags

Dorje Gotrab prayer flags Dorje Gotrab prayer flags are still probably known to be the only flags designed to carry this one of the most powerful mantras of Tibetan Buddhist and medical heritage in healing and spiritual realization. The mantra inherited from us by the great Tibetan master Guru Padmasambhava and later brought to us by the treasure revealer Dorje Lingpa (1346-1405) is also called Vajra Armor (unbreakable armor or protection), which is considered very powerful in protecting the body, speech, and mind. In addition to healing the body and mind, reading Dorje Gotrab changes the basic nature of the mind so that only by taking it as a basic practice can one attain the highest spiritual realization. The supportive influence on the mind is also exerted by being outdoors supported by the DG amulet or prayer flags.

Guru Padmasambava, the founder of Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism, predicted that the trouble of future generations would be an ever-accelerating time and pace of life and a dull mind. His predictions say that in the time ahead, humanity will suffer from various diseases. These we have never seen before, and doctors cannot cure or even find a name for them at first glance. The countries are devastated by famine; struggles for resources and many serious social problems. According to them, the DG mantra, created by Padmasambava and rediscovered by Dorje Lingpa and passed on to us in the teaching line, was created to take care of oneself and protect oneself from adversity in these difficult times.

Description and use of prayer flags:

Dorje Gotrab’s prayer flags are printed as a symbolic color of Tibetan medicine on a dark blue cotton-resistant fabric in gold screen printing. The flags are connected by 5 colored ribbons that symbolize 5 elements (blue-space, green-wind, red-fire, white-water, yellow-earth), supporting their power in the surroundings. The flags are edged at the edges, ensuring better resistance to wind and other weather conditions. Hang Dorje Gotrab worship flags in the room or in the yard of your choice. Leave the flags in place as long as they are still legible and largely intact (in Tibetan tradition, flags are often not removed even when they are almost completely worn from the bottom up. Keep them in your personal environment for as long as your aesthetic critique allows). However, if you want to remove the flags, burn them in a clean fireplace or bonfire with good wishes, avoiding falling or falling on the floor beforehand.

Dr NIda Chenagtsang

Dorje Gotrab prayer flags are made according to the Tibetan doctor and ngakpa Dr. Nida Chenagtsang’s instructions and recommendations. Dr. Nida is also a supporter and promoter of this project.

Dr Nida is saying:

Dorje Gotrab’s prayer flags are the best way to balance the five elements that make up our entire existence. Imbalances are expressed in the form of controls on diseases and epidemics, natural disasters, provocations, and emotionally balanced events, which are conflicts, war, and all sorts of negative emotions against suffering.

Dr. Nida Chenagtsang སྨན་པ་ཉི་ཟླ་ལྕེ་ནག་ཚང་།

Charity project

With Dorje Gotrab prayer flags, we support the Tibetan College of Medicine in Nepal.

Sowa Rigpa International College is the first institution in Nepal to offer Sowa Rigpa, a science of traditional Himalayan and Tibetan medicine, as part of Lumbini Buddhist University. The college, located in the Boudhanath district of Kathmandu, helps to ensure the continuity of this valuable medical heritage through education and research.

Sowa Rigpa International College (


The Dorje Gotrab Prayer Flags Project was completed in collaboration with:

Kaido Soobik

Tibetan Medicine Center Men Ling

Sandra Miländer

Saara Miil Textiles


Tiiu Sindonen


Dorje Gotrab prayer flags