Sorigi Horme Stress Therapy Kit

Horme therapy aims to relieve stress problems. Promotes sleep, relieves tension, stress and relaxes the body.


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Sorigi Horme Stress Therapy Kit


Horme therapy

Horme therapy aims to heal wind disorders (psycho-emotional stress problems). Horme therapy promotes sleep, relieves tension, and stress, and relaxes the body. Traditionally, Horme therapy is taught orally because there is not much material described in the medical literature. Some therapy points are common to moksha therapy, but Horme itself has its own traditional points.

Origin of Horme

Etymologically, the term Hor-me or Hor gyi me btsa comes from the nomads of Upper Tibet. “Hor” refers to the people of Northern Tibet on the Tibetan Plateau. Ancient Tibetan history describes that there were three main ethnic groups of inhabitants: the white, yellow and black Hori people.

“Me” refers to the fire used in this particular practice or the heat generated by fire. Horme, then, is a healing practice from the northern regions of Tibet, which later reached Central Tibet.

Looking at the traditional history, we see that the Four Tantras of Tibetan Medicine – Gyud-shi also included the term Hor-me in the first and third tantras of the “Acute Fever” chapter.

Horme is a home remedy

Horme is a simple and effective therapy for wind disorders. In its simplicity, it is a wonderful home healing practice. Traditionally, Tibetan doctors,  Amchis used Horme therapy in villages, with nomads, etc. in case of severe wind disorders and psychological imbalance problems. Traders and travelers were accustomed to taking Horme therapy ingredients with them on their journeys, which were used as needed or sometimes to provide emergency relief.

Horme in Tibetan Medicine Therapy – Method and Healing

Horme therapy is a technique where certain vital body points on the head, arms, legs, throat, back and chest are heated using pads impregnated with healing oil. Nutmeg powder (Myristica fragrans) and cumin powder (Carum carvi) are added to medicinal oil or melted butter.

Horme therapy points are generally larger than moxa points because they cover more body space. The therapy relieves lungs pain and diseases caused primarily by wind problems e. stress, loss of consciousness, nervousness, anxiety, tremors, shock, dizziness and panic attacks.

It also opens channels where energy is lost or released uncontrollably, and it restores the movement of vital energy in the body. Horme therapy can also be used as a simple rescue treatment in emergency cases of depression and fainting.

Other indications include low physical energy, blood loss, postpartum depression, accidents, emotional disturbances caused by fear and worry, menopausal symptoms, and fear of heights. It is also used for severe stress and tension, burnout, back pain caused by severe stress, dry and rough skin and back and shoulder pain caused by wind/stress pressure and tinnitus.

Sometimes Horme is a substitute treatment for moxibustion when moxa cannot be used, for example in pregnancy, after surgery, children, the elderly or physically weak people. It can also be recommended for people who are healthy but unable to relax their body/mind, have trouble sleeping or are looking for peace.


Horme therapy should not be used in cases of high fever, high blood pressure, severe infections and inflammations, and hot bilious diseases such as jaundice.

How to use:

Pour some oil into the heater and wait until it is hot enough. The oil can also be preheated on the stove. Place the Sorig Horme Stress Therapy Pad in the heated oil. Take it out, put it on point. Hold for a moment until you feel the heat. Repeat the procedure. Heat each point for five minutes or longer. Make sure the oil is hot enough, but definitely not scalding

Sorigi Horme Stressi Therapy oil is suitable for an excellent soothing massage. Especially for tension in the face, neck and withers,


Horme therapy primarily uses five points – five wind gates. One in the middle of the top of the head, two in the middle of the palms, and two in the middle of the soles of the feet. After heating, gently massage the oil into the skin at the point. You can rub the warmed oil on any problem areas on the body after the therapy.

The set consists of:

Net amount of oil: 100 ml

Net quantity of pads: 10 bags.

Lamp quantity: 1.

Lamp height 11 cm. The diameter of the vessel is 7 cm. The depth of the container is 1.5 cm

Manufacturer: Men Tsee Khang Institute of Tibetan Medicine and Astrology, India.