Sorig Tibetan Incense gZimpoe

Spiritual practices, rituals, meditation, for protection against malicious spirits and infectious diseases.


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Sorigi Tibetan incense gZimpoe

The practice of using Sorigi Tibetan Incense dates back to the 7th century and incorporates the knowledge of ancient Tibetan kings and great Indian Buddhist scholars.

The recipe has survived and is still used today for spiritual practices and ritual offerings, in meditation. For protection against malicious spirits and infectious diseases. For general mental and physical well-being or simply to clean and freshen up the premises. Best to use in the morning.


Thistle (Carthamus tinctorius), Rhododendron (Rhododendron sp.), Juniper (Juniperus sp.), Picrorhiza kurroa, Rosa sativus, Aruputk (Selinum wallichinum), Tondipea (Dracocephalum tanguticum), Puju (Artemisia sp.), Sandalwood (Santalum album)

How to use:

Light the incense stick with a lighter or longer burning match. When the open flame has gone out and the incense has remained smoldering, place it on a heat-resistant ash or sand pillow under the incense. You can also stick an incense stick upright in a pile of sand. Allow the incense to smoke in the base until it burns out, or extinguish the smoldering end in a pillow of sand.

Attention! Follow fire safety regulations when burning incense.

Package: 20 incense sticks Incense stick length: 20 cm

Producer: Tibetan Medicine and Astrology Institute Men Tsee Khang. India