Sorig Horme stress therapy oil Zathi Duknuum

Effective oil for stress relief therapy.


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Sorig Horme stress therapy oil Zathi Duknuum

Sorig Horme Stress Therapy Oil Zathi Duknuum with Sorig Horme Stress Therapy Pads and Sorig Oil Warmer / Aroma Lamp Mephor is designed to warm specific points on the body for stress relief.

In traditional Tibetan medicine, Horme anti-stress therapy has been practiced for over two thousand years. The cumin and nutmeg in the Horme mixture have soothing and “heavy” properties that help alleviate wind (stress) disorders.

Wind imbalances can manifest as various symptoms, including anxiety, unexplained sadness, insomnia, excessive restless thoughts, limb stiffness, vertigo, a stiff neck and shoulders, hallucinations, and tinnitus.

Horme therapy is a simple and effective method for balancing wind energy, helping to calm both the mind and body.

How to use

Pour some oil into the heater and wait until it reaches the desired temperature. Place the Sorig Horme stress therapy pad in the heated oil, then take it out and apply it to the target point on your body. Hold it there until you feel the warmth. Repeat this process, ensuring each point is heated for at least five minutes. Make sure the oil is hot, but not so hot that it could cause burns.

Sorig Horme Stress Therapy Oil is also perfect for a soothing massage. Especially for the tension of the face, neck, and back


In Horme therapy, five points are used – five wind gates. One in the middle of the head, two in the middle of the palms, two in the middle of the soles of the feet. After heating, gently massage the oil at the point into the skin. You can rub any problem areas on your body with warmed oil after therapy.


nutmeg (Myristica fragrans), caraway (Carum carvi), sesame (Sesamum indicum)

Net volume: 100 ml

Manufacturer: Tibetan Institute of Medicine and Astrology Men Tsee Khang, India.