Sorig oil heater aroma lamp Mephor


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Sorig aroma lamp Mephor

Sorig Ceramic Oil Heater/ Aroma lamp Mephor is used in Horme therapy to heat oil,  to perfume a room with essential oils and for aromatherapy.

ME – means fire in Tibetan. PHOR – container, cup, or pot

In oil therapy, a small amount of oil is added to the lamp vessel.

In aromatherapy, water is placed in a container into which about 10 drops of essential oil are instilled.

A tealight is placed in the lower part of the lamp. The oil heats up under the candle flame.

In aromatherapy, the water with the oil warms up and the room fills with a pleasant aroma.


The height of the lamp is 11 cm. The diameter of the container is 7 cm. The depth of the container is 1.5 cm


Tibetan Institute of Medicine and Astrology Men Tsee Khang, India.