Sorig anti-stress incense

Good for stress, fatigue, mental instability and depression.


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Sorig anti-stress incense

Modern life pulls people out of balance, into unhealthy physical and mental activities and lifestyles. Indulging in unreasonable eating and sleeping and sexual habits, disproportionate work and rest bans.

From the point of view of traditional Tibetan medicine, all this leads to a disturbance of the “wind” energy in our body and mind, first manifesting itself as problems of the nervous system.

The recipe for this stress incense is based on the ancient basic medical text “Gyud-shi“, written in the 7th century by the famous doctor dr. Yuthok Y√∂nten Gonpo, to balance vital life energy.

Sorig anti-stress incense stress incense is used for disorders caused by rLung or wind energy disorders. For example:

  mental stress, overexertion

  shoulder muscle tension, tension headaches

  dry mouth


  stiffness of the limbs


  constant yawning

  frequent need to stretch

  difficulty concentrating

Stress incense ensures a calm state of mind, helps to balance and strengthens the body’s energies.


How to use:

Light an incense stick with a lighter or a long-burning long match. When the open flame has gone out and the incense is left glowing, place it on a heat-resistant incense or ash pad.

The incense stick can also be inserted upright into a pile of sand. Allow the incense to smoke on the base until it is burnt or extinguish the glowing end by suffocating it in the sand pad.

Attention! Observe fire safety precautions when burning incense.


Indian wool tree (Bombax Ceiba), Garden Daisy (Chrysanthemum sp.), Rhodiola (Rhodila sp.)

Net weight: 85 g. 24 sticks

Incense stick length: 11 cm

Manufacturer: Tibetan  Medical and Astro Institute  Men Tsee Khang, India.


Indian wool tree

Is used to treat various diseases, such as fever and inflammatory changes in lung, liver, and heart diseases.

Garden Daisy

Is used in Tibetan medicine for headaches, back, and rib pain, and wound inflammation.


Strengthens and balances lung function, is good for skin problems. It is also used in Tibetan traditional medicine for back pain, pneumonia, dysentery menstrual disorders. Rhodiola is known for its effectiveness in combating mood disorders, stress, and depression. According to research, it improves physical and mental ability and reduces the feeling of exhaustion and fatigue.

Performance and results of traditional Tibetan herbal mixtures

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