Set for grandparents

The wisdom of Tibetan medicine for the healthy joints of grandparents.


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Set for grandparents

If until a few decades ago Bittner balsam or Wormwood were the favorite classics of grandparents, this year it could be greetings from the roof of the world – a triple pack for lighter and brighter joints.

Padma Basic and Rheutonin and the ancient Tibetan recipes underlying Sorig Arthritis oil have been used for centuries to ease inflammatory processes in the joints and also in the cardiovascular system.

Padma Basic 

The Tibetan recipe Gabur 25, which is the basis of Padma Basic, is designed to eliminate deep-rooted inflammations, fevers (including chronic) and has a good effect on the symptoms of arthritis. Good for blood vessels and to improve blood supply to the legs. Recommendation for use: Recommended amount of 2-4 capsules at lunch after meals

Padma Rheutonin

Classic recipe in Tibet, Le tre 5, is used for joint and muscle aches and acute rheumatic symptoms. Recommendation for use: Recommended amount of 2 capsules in the evening after meals.

Sorig Arthritis Oil

In Tibetan Drum-Bui Dzjug-Num, relieves ailments caused by arthritis and rheumatism. Recommendation for use: Rub the aching joints with oil until the skin is warm and the oil is absorbed, then keep the joints warm


According to Tibetan medicine, in order to achieve tangible results, it is very important to use herbal mixtures and oils consistently over a longer period of time.

Problems with joints usually originate at a very distant time and, in order to obtain tangible results, it would be important to try to follow the recommendation for use for at least three months and, if necessary, for a longer period of time.