Root and Explanatory Tantra

Basic texts of Tibetan medicine


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Root and Explanatory Tantra

The Root and Explanatory Tantra are the basic texts of Tibetan medicine

The Root Tantra provides insight into the essence of Tibetan medicine. Six chapters clearly outline the basic principles of health and disease, as well as methods of diagnosis and treatment.

Explanatory Tantra deals thoroughly and systematically with the theoretical basis of Tibetan medical science. It begins with a description of the formation of the human body as it relates to the theory of the five elements, followed by a description of the final breakdown of the anatomical structure, physiological characteristics, and functions of the human body.

The second part of the book contains a detailed explanation of causes and conditions, locations, signs, signs and symptoms, and the classification of disorders.

Thus, the translation helps the English-speaking medical world to understand the knowledge of the two basic texts of Tibetan medicine: Rtsa-rgyud (Root Tantra) and Bshad-rgyud (Explanatory Tantra).

Number of pages: 337

Language: English

Publisher: Men Tsee Khang Publishers, India