Maar Sur Poe.”Red Offering Incense”

An evening donation to nature, to create a living environment that supports us and to remove obstacles


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Maar Sur Poe.”Red Offering Incense”

An evening fragrant smoke offering to nature, to create a living environment that supports us and removes obstacles. 

Maar Sur Poe translates as “Red Offering Incense”. According to Bhutanese and Tibetan beliefs, the entire world around us is spiritual, full of visible and invisible sentient beings.

This incense is used in the evenings to calm and reconcile the mind and disturbing emotions of the beings and people around us. Smoke donations are often made to so-called “bodiless” creatures that are usually invisible to the human eye. Yet we may encounter them in houses with a long history or in places where we feel inexplicably uncomfortable or where unexpected obstacles and problems appear in our endeavors.

By using red offering incense, we help reduce the suffering and irritation of the entire invisible and visible world. With the help of incense, we can cleanse our inner and outer world of possible provocations, remove obstacles and fulfill our aspirations.


Maar Sur Poe’s “Red Offering Incense” is a mixture of fruits, grains, herbs, milk, butter, honey, and everything else good and pleasant that is edible…

How to use:

Light the incense stick with a lighter or longer burning match. When the open flame has gone out and the incense has remained smoldering, place it on a heat-resistant ash or sand pillow under the incense. You can also stick an incense stick upright in a pile of sand. Allow the incense to smoke in the base until it burns out, or extinguish the smoldering end by smothering it in a pillow of sand.

Attention! Follow fire safety regulations when burning incense.

In a box: 30 incense sticks Incense stick length: 20 cm

Manufacturer: Chimi Poe Jorkhang, Dechencholing, Thimphu, Bhutan.