Incense Lung Poe

Insomnia, nervousness, difficulty concentrating, stress, mood disorders.


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Incense Lung Poe

Incense Lung Poe recipe has been made many centuries ago by Bhutanese doctors to relieve insomnia, nervousness, and more. stress. “Lung Poe” means “alleviating” in Bhutanese.

Incense consists of 21 aromatic ingredients. Red and white sandalwood is known for its soothing and pleasant aroma. Nutmeg, whose healing effect on stress is widely known in Bhutanese and Tibetan traditional medicine. Myrr is a prized resin that has been used in healing since ancient times.

How to use: 

Light an incense stick with a lighter or a long-burning long match. When the open flame has gone out and the incense is left glowing, place it on a heat-resistant incense or ash pad.

The incense stick can also be inserted upright into a pile of sand. Allow the incense to smoke on the base until it is burnt or extinguish the glowing end by suffocating it in the sand pad.

Attention! Observe fire safety precautions when burning incense.


Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans), Myrrh (Genus Commiphora), Cardamom (Elettaria cardamoum), Eaglewood (Aquillaria agarlloch), Clove (Syzygium aromaticum), Black Cardamom (Amommum subullatum). et al.

Pack: 30 incense sticks Incense rod length: 9.5 cm

Manufacturer: Chimi Poe Jorkhang, Dechencholing, Thimphu, Bhutan.