Encyclopedia of Myriad Herbs vol2

Medicinal plants in traditional Tibetan medicine


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Encyclopedia of plants vol 2

Medicinal plants in traditional Tibetan medicine

The book contains 360 illustrated medicinal plants in five classifications such as herbs, trees, shrubs, cereals, and aromatic plants. The part of the plant used, the collection time and processing method, the taste and properties, and the use in medicine are described.

The encyclopedia is dr. English translation of Volume 2 of the book written in Tibetan by Tsering Norbu with the original title ” BOD LUGS GSOBA RIG PA’I SKYE DNGOS SMAN RDZAS SNGO ‘BUM KUN BTUS ” . English translation by Tenzin Zompa and Dr. Tsering Samdup.

The Tibetan version was published in 2016 by the Materia Medica Department of Men-Tsee-Khang, Dharamsala.

Number of pages: 400

Language: English

Publisher: Men Tsee Khang Publishers, India