Drib Sang cleaning incense

“Drib” is a Tibetan language for defilement, contamination, obstruction. “Sang” – smoke donation, cleaning.


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Drib Sang cleansing incense

“Drib” in the Tibetan language for defilement, contamination, obstruction. “Sang” – smoke donation, cleaning.
According to the Bhutanese and Tibetan tradition, this incense is used for donations, purification, and good luck, for removing both internal (sensory and emotional) and
external (environmental and social) barriers.

Drib Sang cleansing incense is good for cleaning rooms as well as for the person’s mind and body, especially when exposed to the disease – by being ill
or visiting and nursing someone who is ill. Ideal for cleaning therapists and medical professionals.

Recommended for energetic cleaning of used clothing and items. Used to clean furniture used before bringing home.
Nowadays, even after buying a used car. In a word, purifying everything that has come in contact with strangers.

Traditionally, Drip Sang is also used to smoke in the living quarters after the baby is born, in order to remove obstacles in his or her early life and bring good luck.

Drib donation is important for getting married, after the funeral. Also for cleaning and balancing your home and office during the full moon and the new moon.


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How to use:

Place the desired amount of incense on a heat-resistant base and light it with a lighter or a long-lasting match. Allow the incense to smoke on the base or move around the rooms to be cleaned or around objects and persons.

Attention! Observe fire safety precautions when burning incense.

Caution! The powder is easily volatile. Be sure not to light the fire!

Net amount: 50g

Manufacturer: Chimi Poe Jorkhang, Dechencholing, Thimphu, Bhutan