Cultivation and Conservation of Endangered Medicinal Plants

Textbook of Cultivation of Endangered Medicinal Plants.


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Cultivation and Conservation of Endangered Medicinal Plants

Published in English in 2016, the book contains 325 illustrated medicinal plants, including herbs, shrubs, and trees. The plants flourish in Tibet, India, and Nepal, in the Trans-Himalayan zones, and in the tropical and subtropical regions of the Western and Eastern Ghats of India.

The book contains a description of each medicinal plant, and information on plant propagation and management, including soil topography, method of germination, the proper time to grow, processing methods, propagation by seeds, and vegetative propagation methods. Recommendations for experimental planting methods, and preparation; for planting in fields, flat areas, rock gardens, and terrace areas. The proper collection period and drying procedures for the plants are also described.

The book describes the taste, properties, and uses of each plant along with the surname, botanical, scientific surname, English and Hindi names, as well as the Tibetan name The Cultivation of Endangered Medicinal Plants book is an experimental guide to propagating these species.

It is intended for researchers, ethnobotanists, environmentalists, botanists, horticulturists, and practitioners interested in establishing medicinal herb gardens in both rural and urban areas. A list of endangered medicinal plants based on guidelines from WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature, 2000) and TRAFFIC India (Trade Data Analysis of Flora and Fauna, 2000) with additional criteria taken from Tibetan medicine.

The book on Cultivation and Conservation of Endangered Medicinal Plants is the first of its kind which is compatible with both traditional and modern cultivation methods and is mainly based on traditional knowledge, personal experience and observations of the author and practical field experiments.

Author: dr. Tsultrim Kalsang (MD) Deputy Head, Department of Materia Medica, Tibetan Institute of Medicine and Astrology. Number of pages: 400

Language: English

Publisher: Men Tsee Khang Publishers, India