Assorted juniper incense

Estonian handicraft incense from Hiiumaa island


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Assorted juniper incense

Contains a jar full of juniper, sage, propolis, birch leaves, and pine needles with a burning tray.

Estonian, 100% natural, chemical-free and handmade incense.


juniper (Juniperus communis L.), propolis (Propolis),  sage (Salvia officinalis), pine (Pinus sylvestris), birch leaf (Betula)

How to use:

Place the cone on a heat-resistant incense tray with an incendiary lighter or a long-lasting match. Allow the incense to smoke on the base until it is burnt.

Attention! Observe fire safety regulations when burning incense.

Can dimensions: 7 x 6 cm

Cone height: 1,5 cm

Net quantity: 27 koonust, 15 g.

Manufacturer: MT Sile OÜ, Estonia