Padma Padma

  • PADMA Hepaten

    PADMA Hepaten is based on a Tibetan traditional medicine recipe called “Drebu Sum Thang” (tib. Bras bu 3 thang). Based on centuries of experience by Tibetan doctors, it supports…

  • PADMA Nervotonin

    PADMA Nervotonin is made in Switzerland on the basis of Tibetan traditional medicine recipe, “Srog ‘zin 10” (pronunciation: Sogzin). Based on centuries of experience by Tibetan doctors, it promotes…

  • PADMA Basic

    PADMA BASIC is a herbal dietary supplement made in Switzerland based on the experience of traditional Tibetan medicine. It is based on the classic Tibetan recipe “Gabur 25”

  • PADMA Aciben

    PADMA Aciben is based on Tibetan traditional medicine “Chong Shi 6”. Recipe with calcium carbonate and five aromatic herbs, developed to maintain a balanced stomach and digestive function.

  • Padma Rheutonin

    A classic recipe from the pharmacology of Tibetan medicine Le tre 5 for pain associated with rheumatic supportive diseases.


  • PADMA Digestin

    Strong digestion is the basis for a high-quality structure of the body and the functioning of the immune system. PADMA Digestin is based on Tibetan traditional medicine recipe  Sedru…

  • Padma Digestin and Nervotonin 1+1

    To support and balance the digestive and nervous systems

  • PADMA Galetonin

    PADMA Galetonin is based on the Tibetan traditional medicine recipe, Garnag.

    According to Tibetan medicine, it is vital that the energy of the bile and liver is in regular circulation….