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  • Sorig tea for eyes

    Tibetan tea for eyes –  nectar for the eyes

  • PADMA Hepaten

    PADMA Hepaten is based on a Tibetan traditional medicine recipe called “Drebu Sum Thang” (tib. Bras bu 3 thang). Based on centuries of experience by Tibetan doctors, it supports…

  • PADMA Nervotonin

    PADMA Nervotonin is made in Switzerland on the basis of Tibetan traditional medicine recipe, “Srog ‘zin 10” (pronunciation: Sogzin). Based on centuries of experience by Tibetan doctors, it promotes…

  • PADMA Basic

    PADMA BASIC is a herbal dietary supplement made in Switzerland based on the experience of traditional Tibetan medicine. It is based on the classic Tibetan recipe “Gabur 25”

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  • PADMA Aciben

    PADMA Aciben is based on Tibetan traditional medicine “Chong Shi 6”. Recipe with calcium carbonate and five aromatic herbs, developed to maintain a balanced stomach and digestive function.

  • Padma Rheutonin

    A classic recipe from the pharmacology of Tibetan medicine Le tre 5 for pain associated with rheumatic supportive diseases.


  • Cold & Flu tea TRULTHANG

    Trulthang – Tibetan tea, strengthens the immune system. Prevents colds, flu and reduces fever. Accelerates the recovery from colds.

  • Sorig lungs tea

    Good for lungs and respiratory support. In Tibetan Ug-Mi De-Wei Men-Džja.

  • Amla Tea

    Amla or. Indian gooseberry is a plant from which tea can be called without hesitation as a super-food and effective detoxifying agent.

  • Sorig herbal supplement Men-Soom

    Men-Soom is based on the Tibetan traditional medicine recipe “Dub Ril”.

  • Royal Tea “Saffron” from Bhutan

    High quality Royal Saffron Tea with golden color and mild taste is the tea from the ecologically cleanest country, Bhutan, in the Himalayan Mountains.

  • Gugul

    According to Tibetan traditions, the gugul has the property of calming the environment, cleansing it of negative forces and removing obstacles.