Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
1.1. Seller – Menmo OÜ, reg. code 11525680, legal address Liiva 20B, Pärnu 80018. Customer service number +372 5077900, hereinafter referred to as Menmo OÜ;
1.2. Menmo OÜ – e-shop at;
1.3. Client – a adult who is not restricted by a valid court order or legal entity;
1.4. Partner – the legal body, offering goods or services in the Menmo OÜ e-shop;
1.5. Account – a set of personal data and order history registered on the client’s page;
1.6. Menmo OÜ accounts – Menmo OÜ accounts on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, etc., which provide information about the products and services of the Menmo OÜ e-shop;
1.7. Services – all services provided to the client by Menmo OÜ;
1.8. Cookie – A small file sent to the device of a customer visiting Menmo OÜ e-shop. This definition includes the use of files of a similar nature in addition to a cookie;
1.9. Ordering conditions are confirmed in Menmo OÜ e-shop ordering information.
1.10. Direct marketing – an activity that aims to offer Menmo OÜ goods to the customer by e-mail or other direct means.
general settings
2.1. Menmo OÜ’s privacy policy sets out the rules for storing, collecting and processing personal data when using the services provided by Menmo OÜ.
2.2. The Privacy Policy is designed to provide security and personal data protection to Customers in order to protect them from unauthorized use of their personal data.
2.3. By using the Menmo OÜ e-shop, the Customer agrees to be bound by these Terms of Use and agrees to the processing of their personal data. The Privacy Policy is public and accessible to everyone at Any new customer entering into a Menmo OÜ e-shop for the first time will confirm their consent to the processing of personal data.
2.4. Menmo OÜ e-shop contains links to websites of other companies and organizations and that Seller is not responsible for the terms and conditions of such websites or the privacy policies they provide. In such cases, the customer must familiarize himself / herself with the rules, privacy policy and other documents of the companies advertising in the Menmo OÜ e-shop.
2.5 In connection with the purchase, the Customer is obliged to disclose the following personal data to the Seller: given name and surname, address, telephone number, e-mail address and delivery address. The Client is responsible for the accuracy of the personal data published by him / her.
2.6. The Seller is required to collect the Customer’s personal information below for the following purposes:
2.6.1. E-mail address – necessary for sending to the Client the order confirmation and other documents related to the purchased goods (invoice, etc.); To contact the Customer in the cases provided in the Terms of Use; With the consent of the Client, to provide direct marketing offers.
2.6.2. Telephone number – required to provide the Customer with information on the status of the order, including to inform the customer with the order number when the goods are ready to be delivered to a subscriber who has placed an order through a parcel terminal or other postal service; To contact the Customer to agree on the delivery of the Goods when using the Courier Service; With the consent of the Client, to provide direct marketing offers.
2.6.3. Menmo OÜ is the controller of personal data, Menmo OÜ transmits personal data necessary for making payments to the authorized processor Maksekeskus AS.
3. The security of Menmo OÜ purchases is ensured by the SSL certificate.
4.1. Menmo OÜ confirms that the Customer’s personal information is important in order for the Customer to use the services of Menmo OÜ.
The Seller shall use the Customer’s personal information for the purposes of providing services and delivering the goods, for communication with the Customer and, if Customer has given its consent, also for direct marketing purposes. Personal data will be retained for seven calendar years from the time the data is provided to Seller.
4.2. Menmo OÜ undertakes not to disclose Customer’s personal data to third parties except in the following cases:
4.2.1. if the Client agrees to disclose his / her personal data;
4.2.2. to provide the service or to order goods or services from, if the delivery requires the Customer’s personal data;
4.2.3. in the manner prescribed by law enforcement agencies, as provided by the legislation of the Republic of Estonia;
4.3. The Customer has the following rights:
4.3.1. submit a written request to the Seller for the Seller to disclose to the Customer the personal data collected so far. The information will be forwarded to the Customer’s e-mail address;
4.3.2. submit a written request to the Seller to obtain information on the collection of their personal data and to investigate the purposes for which they are processed and to whom their data have been provided in the last year. Information shall be provided to the Client by e-mail;
4.3.3. submit a request to Seller by email to to request that we suspend the processing of personal data if the processing of personal data is in violation of our Privacy Policy