Functioning and Results of Traditional Tibetan Herbal Blends

Natural herbal blends and traditions generally spare our bodies from side effects. They are gentler and have a longer-lasting impact. However, they also require patience and perseverance. Some blends can help with acute problems, such as catching a cold or dealing with nervousness and anxiety.

Many herbal blends need to be taken calmly and consistently over several months or even half a year to achieve long-term results.

People accustomed to today’s fast-paced life often expect quick results and immediate visible effects. Modern chemically synthesized academic medicine has conditioned us to expect this, as it is often very effective in acute and severe situations but also frequently comes with strong side effects.

In Tibetan lifestyle, it is common to take certain herbal blends according to one’s health characteristics and tendencies over extended periods throughout life, with the goal of preventing illness. The aim is to prevent imbalances from developing into diseases. A good healer for oneself is one who never gets sick, and this is aided by the right herbal blends alongside a healthy diet.

Therefore, we recommend, in addition to the supplements available on, that you also have the perseverance and patience in taking them, and do not expect too rapid results.