toiduained tiibeti meditsiinis
toiduained tiibeti meditsiinis

Any food can be a medicine.

It’s not just an oriental tradition, it’s a wisdom followed by our own ancestors in this area, and Hippocrates, a great figure in Western medical culture, put it: “Let food be our medicine and medicine be our food.”

This does not mean that we should only eat herbs. All everyday foods on our plate have their own properties that affect the human body in one direction or another and shift it towards or out of balance.

In addition to the physical, all understandable mechanisms of action – chemical composition (vitamins and minerals) – according to Tibetan tradition, flavors also play an important role.

In the formulation of oriental healing wisdom, which is also characteristic of our Estonian traditional medicine, all six flavors – sweet, sour, salty, bitter, bitter – with different potential and effect on the components of our body consisting of the same basic elements.

By playing with these properties, we can strongly influence the body’s internal climate and help balance it. Improper nutrition inevitably leads to disease.

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