Cancellation and Refund Policy

1.  After receipt of the Product, the Customer shall have 14 days to become acquainted with the Product. If the Customer is not satisfied with the Product for any reason, the Customer has the right to return the Product within 14 days by notifying the Web Store at

2. The Product to be returned must be in its original packaging and in the same condition as it was received by the Customer. The Product shall be unused, ie the Product shall not bear any marks, traces, or damages that the Product did not have when reaching the Customer. Products returned with Usage Traces will not be accepted by the Web Store and will be returned to the Customer.

3. In the event that the Customer returns the Product in accordance with the terms of paragraphs 1 and 2, the Web Store shall refund the Product to the Customer (shipping costs will be borne by the Customer). The cost of the Product will be refunded to the Customer no later than 14 days from the moment the Customer has submitted a return request to the Web Store, provided that the returned Product itself reaches the Web Store within that time (i.e. 14 days).

4. In the event of defects in the Product, the Customer is obliged to contact the Web Store as soon as possible in order to submit a statement. The Web Store replaces the Product or, if this is not possible, refunds the cost of the Product. If the goods cannot be repaired or replaced, the Web Store shall refund to the Purchaser all the fees incurred in the contract of sale.

5. Menmo OÜ will pay the cost of returning the product and shipping (both initial and return) to your bank account (the money will be returned to the same bank account from which the payment was made) within 7-14 business days from the date of return.

Mark your complaint:

* Your name and contact details

* Date of appeal

* Product was missing

* Claim to Menmo OÜ

* Add order number to confirm purchase.

6. Menmo OÜ has an obligation to respond in writing within 15 days in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act.

7. The Web Store reserves the right to terminate the Agreement if the Product ordered by the Customer was ordered at the time of typographical error in the price of the Product in the Online Store. If the Agreement is terminated, the Customer will be notified by email and the Customer will be refunded as soon as possible, but no later than 30 days after ordering the Product.

8. The online shop is not responsible for defects that occur after delivery of the goods to the buyer.

9. All products are warranted under the law. The order / invoice is valid as a guarantee certificate.

Buyer’s personal information is confidential information and shall not be disclosed to third parties except in cases prescribed by law.