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SORIG is an abbreviation of Tibetan words SOWA RIGPA – the art of healing. On this web page, you’ll find different natural and herbal creams, balms, teas, food supplements and incense that help you to cure ailments and maintain balance. All products originate from ancient Tibetan medicine formulas that have proven their efficiency with long-term experiences and are now more and more supported by contemporary scientific research.

What is Tibetan Medicine?

Tibetan medicine is an ancient and experience-proven approach to the holistic functioning of the body, mind, and emotional well-being over time.

Not only the physical body but also the psycho-emotional aspects of the mind or spirit are at the heart of balancing human health.

Important aspects of maintaining and restoring health are a diet and lifestyle that are compatible with the nature of the body and mind, and consideration of the external environment.


5 elements

In order for the body to be healthy, all the five elements that create matter must be in balance: space, wind, fire, water, earth. They are influenced by our thoughts, emotions, as well as external environmental and weather conditions, food and lifestyle.

Space “namkha”
Space “namkha”

Space “namkha”

Space is the basis of all elements. Space is a dimension where all the elements and the processes created from them can function, from the planets, to the nature and human body of our planet. All parts of our body contain most of the space, being more or less empty inside. Space is such an elementary basis of everything that in many traditional systems it is not produced as a separate element, and therefore only 4 elements are spoken of in many cultures. The room exists anyway and the other elements work in it.

In our body, the element of space primarily creates all the channels, ears, sense of hearing.

Wind “lung”
Wind “lung”

Wind “lung”

Wind is the driving force behind all processes. It makes the other elements move, the so-called beginning and endless energy. In some cultures it is called the element of air, but because air is something much more specific and definite on our planet, Tibetans call it wind energy that works throughout the universe and existence, regardless of the direct existence of so-called “air.”

The most visible part of the wind element in our body is the nervous system, thought and emotions. In case of too much wind, there are a lot of thoughts in the head, emotions are difficult to control, anxiety disorders and panic, sleep disorders occur. These processes create a background of stress and, according to modern science, are also a factor in the development and exacerbation of various diseases. However, the calmed wind in our body helps to relieve stress and contributes to the alleviation and recovery of all diseases.

Fire "Me"
Fire "Me"

Fire “me”

The fire element ensures heat, maturation, ripening. This applies to large bodies in the universe as well as at the level of the human body and its cells. The element of fire ensures the temperature of our body, the heat needed for digestion, as well as the destruction of microorganisms (bacteria, viruses and other pathogens) that are dangerous to the body, both under normal conditions and in the conditions of fever and inflammation. The latter are also relevant expressions of the element of fire in our body. The function of fire in metabolism is very important. Through good digestive heat, the body’s ability to maximally absorb the food obtained from eating and thus ensure the high-quality structure of the body’s cells and a functioning immune system is created.

Fire gives us in the body in addition to heat, complexion, ensures the function of the eyes, the sense of sight

Water "chu"
Water "chu"

Water “chu”

Water gives our body cohesion. It is a cool element, neutralizing excess fire and heat. Water is the basis of blood, body fluids, tongue, taste functions.

Water together with the earth element creates the so-called “slime” body energy, which stabilizes the wind energy of its severe nature, ie, among other things, excessive irritability of the nervous system, susceptibility to stress, anxiety, sleep disorders.

Excessive water energy in the body cools the body, causing colds, edema, impaired kidney function, slow and disturbed digestion, bloating, weight gain, diabetes, food intolerances, cold hands and feet syndrome, fatigue, lethargy, excessive drowsiness, etc.

Earth "sa"
Earth "sa"

Earth “sa”

As the most heavy element, land gives us form, support structures. The earth together with the element of water create the so-called “slime” body energy, which balances the energy of very light wind compared to them, ie also the excessive irritability of the nervous system, susceptibility to stress, anxiety, sleep problems.

In the body, it is the basis for the functioning of the muscles, bones, nose and sense of smell.

An obvious sign of the abundance of the earth element is overweight and obesity, and the resulting health problems. Against this background, corresponding imbalances of the mind may occur, such as drowsiness, numbness, lethargy, fatigue.

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