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SORIG is an abbreviation of Tibetan words SOWA RIGPA – the art of healing. On this web page, you’ll find different natural and herbal creams, balms, teas, food supplements and incense that help you to cure ailments and maintain balance. All products originate from ancient Tibetan medicine formulas that have proven their efficiency with long-term experiences and are now more and more supported by contemporary scientific research.

New Products!

  • Cold & Flu tea TRULTHANG

    Trulthang – Tibetan tea, strengthens the immune system. Prevents colds, flu and reduces fever. Accelerates the recovery from colds.


  • PADMA Aciben

    PADMA Aciben is based on Tibetan traditional medicine “Chong Shi 6”. Recipe with calcium carbonate and five aromatic herbs, developed to maintain a balanced stomach and digestive function.

  • Royal Tea “Saffron” from Bhutan

    High quality Royal Saffron Tea with golden color and mild taste is the tea from the ecologically cleanest country, Bhutan, in the Himalayan Mountains.


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